Four Outdoor Features You May Want To Take With You When You Move

Posted on: 24 February 2015

If you are planning to move, you may have planned a truck and moving service to help you with all the things inside of your home, but you may want to take other things with you. You may want to take things like garden items, and above ground pool, ponds or landscaping materials with you. These may not be things that the regular moving service can provide you with. Here are four tips to help you with moving unconventional items when you are relocating:
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How Real Are Real Estate Reality Shows?

Posted on: 13 February 2015

Real estate reality shows take the viewer behind-the-scenes during the home-buying process, many from establishing a budget to signing on the dotted line. These programs provide useful tips for buying and selling, but also a voyeuristic chance to see properties one might not get otherwise. But just how grounded in reality are these so-called reality shows? Time Crunch When buying a home, tasks such as applying for a mortgage, picking a real estate agent, or dealing with a home inspection can take months.
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Two Proactive Ways To Preserve Your Pipes

Posted on: 4 February 2015

No one wants to deal with a tough clog or leaking pipe, and replacing pipes in your home can be pretty costly. It's a lot easier to prevent plumbing issues in the first place rather than dealing with them when they do arise. Here are two ways you can reduce your risk of pipe damage today. Install a Water Softener Hard water contains the minerals calcium and magnesium, which deposit easily on the inside of your pipes.
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How To Clean A Non-Colorfast Carpet

Posted on: 29 January 2015

When cleaning your carpet, one of the main issues you may have to deal with is colorfastness. Carpets that are not colorfast will bleed and fade when you try to clean them. Rugs and carpets most likely to not be colorfast are exotic products from Iran and Turkey. Determine if Your Carpet is Non-Colorfast The best way to determine if your carpet is colorfast is to find a part of your carpet that is not noticeable, such as the carpet in your closet.
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