Five Very Versatile Gift Ideas In A Hurry On A Budget

Posted on: 15 April 2015


When a special occasion comes up, you may find that you struggle to come up with a gift that fits in your allotted buying budget. Ordering flowers is nice, but creating your own distinctive, personalized gift means so much more. Try these clever and inexpensive gift ideas that suit a wide range of recipient and that you can quickly pull together in time for the special occasion.

Five very versatile gifts that you can throw together on a budget include:

1. Aromatherapy delights.

A tea light oil warmer is a tremendously useful and versatile gift idea for any occasion. Give these to both men and women, with a supply of votive candles and essential oils for a wonderful surprise that can also help soothe mood, relieve aches, and relax stress.

2. Happy hour homage.

Create a gift that pays homage to happy hour with gifts that have a bar-theme. Items such as a cocktail shaker, shot glasses, cocktail stirrers, napkins, and nips of favorite spirits will look splendid in a basket, and even better on the recipient's bar! Omit the liquor for friends that don't imbibe.

3. Gardener's gift.

With spring in the air, gardening gifts are the ideal way to welcome the season and show someone special that you care. Create a basket of goodies by placing packets of seeds, inexpensive garden gloves, and assorted yard tools in a bright plastic watering-can. Decorate the handle of the can with a couple silk flowers wired around to secure in place.

4. Sentimental stationary set.

Men and women both enjoy fine stationary items and office goods for their work-space. This might include fine paper, great pens, and books of stamps. You may even spring for a self-inking stamp for the recipient, with either a monogram or a motif for them to use on their correspondence.

5. Barbecue basket.

Anyone who enjoys firing up the grill will enjoy a gift of barbecue tools, an inexpensive apron, and a selection or marinades or saucing for their summertime cooking. Look for low-cost picnic baskets at thrift stores or tag sales, which are perfect for containing these clever utensils and supplies.

Pick up items that would fit well in one or more of these gift ideas when you spot them on sale or at a discount. Keep a drawer or closet in the home full of last-minute gift ideas to make it easy and effortless to pull together a great gift when the occasion arises.