• Wedding Lanterns: Answers To Common Questions

    A wedding can be a remarkably memorable experience for everyone attending it, and the lighting is one of the most important features of any wedding venue. Not surprisingly, there are many people that want to have an elegant lighting solution that will not distract from their ceremonies. Fortunately, lanterns have long been an option for those wanting to add a touch of personality to their wedding. Yet, there may be a couple of questions you need answered about lanterns if you have never had to buy these items before.
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  • How To Hang Up Temporary Curtains Without Placing Holes In The Wall

    Having curtains or drapes gives rooms a whole new look, and the large swathes of cloth also block out a lot more light than blinds can. However, if you're in a housing situation where you can't put holes in the wall, adding curtains can be difficult -- or so it seems. The most obvious method would be to use a tension rod placed in the window, but the curtain on the rod won't be able to cover the sides of the window in that case.
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