Keep Your Gutters Clean All Year Round With Rain Gutter Guard Installation

Posted on: 20 April 2023


If you live in an area that experiences heavy rainfall or that has trees surrounding your home, you are probably familiar with the hassle of cleaning your gutters. Clogged gutters can lead to a variety of problems, including water damage to your property, leaks, and mold growth, as well as many other minor issues. But fear not: there's a solution that can keep your gutters clean and free-flowing all year round, and that's rain gutter guard installation. This tiny little investment can have a big impact on your need to constantly be cleaning your gutters out.

What Exactly Are Rain Gutter Guards?

Rain gutter guards are a protective cover that is installed over your gutters to prevent debris from accumulating inside. These guards are typically made of materials such as mesh, foam, or vinyl, and they are designed to fit securely over the top of your gutters. They work by allowing rainwater to flow into the gutters while keeping out leaves, twigs, and other debris. Think of them like a sieve for organic material. They can be made to fit any gutter so you don't need to worry if you have a special design or unique needs, just make sure to convey them to the rain gutter guard company you choose.

The Benefits Of These Small Additions To Your Gutters

Some of the more clear and important benefits include:

  • Reduced Maintenance: With rain gutter guards installed, you'll no longer have to spend time climbing a ladder and cleaning out your gutters several times a year.
  • Prevention of Water Damage: Clogged gutters can lead to water damage to your property, including damage to your roof, siding, and foundation. 

  • Pest Control: Clogged gutters can also provide a breeding ground for insects, rodents, and other pests. Rain gutter guards eliminate these breeding grounds, reducing the likelihood of pests entering your home.

  • Improved Home Aesthetics: Rain gutter guards can also improve the appearance of your home. With the guards installed, your gutters will be less visible, giving your home a cleaner, more polished look.

The Installation Process

Rain gutter guard installation is a relatively simple process that can be completed by a professional in just a few hours. The process involves measuring your gutters, selecting the appropriate rain gutter guards, and securing them in place over your gutters. Professional installation is recommended to ensure the guards are properly installed and to provide optimal protection. You also don't want to try to do this on your own because it involves working at quite high heights, which can be quite dangerous when not done by professionals.