Installing A New Awning For Your Home

Posted on: 2 August 2022


Adding a new awning to your home's exterior can be an upgrade that will provide you and your family with a source of shade when spending time outdoors. While awnings are seemingly simple structures, homeowners should not make the mistake of neglecting the types of factors that they will want to review before beginning the process of making this upgrade.

Retractable Or Permanent

Homeowners will need to decide whether they want to install a retractable or permanent awning for their home. Retractable awnings can give you more freedom in determining when you want to shade the area, and they can also be retracted to protect them during strong storms. However, they can be more costly than permanent awnings, and the design options may be more limited.

Cloth, Metal, Or Vinyl For The Materials

Awnings can be built using a wide range of different materials. In particular, cloth, metal, and vinyl are among the most popular types of materials to use in awnings. Each will have its own strengths or weaknesses to consider. Cloth is among the most affordable materials for awnings, but the cloth will have to be replaced more frequently due to wear and tear. Furthermore, the cloth can be more susceptible to damage from high winds. Metal and vinyl can be significantly more durable, but corrosion can be a threat to metal. For those that are wanting a good balance between costs and durability, vinyl can be an excellent choice. In addition to being strong and flexible, it can also be easy to clean as it may only require periodic pressure washing.

The Size Of The Awning

The actual size of the awning is another factor to weigh when you are making this improvement to your home. Ideally, you will want to be sure to choose an awning that is large enough to provide shade for the entire area. However, the size of the awning can be limited due to the design of the home and the added weight of the awning. An awning installation contractor may assist you with choosing an awning design that will work the best with your home and your needs.

Adding a new awning to your house can greatly increase your ability to enjoy spending time outside by offering quality shade from the intense sunlight. When preparing to make this addition to your home, being through with evaluating the size of the needed awning, the materials used in its construction, and whether a retractable awning will be a good solution can help to inform your decisions.

For more information on awnings, contact a professional near you.