Have A Large Flower Garden In Your Yard? 2 Ways To Make It Really Stand Out

Posted on: 8 June 2022


A flower garden is a great way to add a lot of color and beauty to your landscaping. If you have a flower garden, there are many more things you can do to make it really stand out to people. Keep reading for two of these things so you can start on these projects.

Add a Solar Leaf Windmill

Solar leaf windmills can add more color to your flower garden. As the wind blows, the leaves start to spin livening up your garden. You can find solar leaf windmills in a variety of sizes when it comes to height, as well as colors, designs, and more. This way you can choose something that will go well with the type of flower garden you have. 

Consider putting more than one solar leaf windmill in your flower garden so they can help with air circulation. This can help you and your family enjoy spending time outside in this area even more. Not only will it help keep things cooler but spending time in stagnant, hot air can be very uncomfortable. 

If you like to watch birds, many are attracted to solar leaf windmills. Use bright colors, such as red or yellow, to attract the birds. Add a few hummingbird feeders close to the garden and to the windmills you purchase to attract even more birds. Purchase solar leaf windmills that have a light to add light to your garden without having to install expensive landscape lighting. You can purchase a solar leaf windmill from most garden suppliers or online. 

Add an Edging

If you do not have an edging around your flower garden, you should consider adding one. An edging not only makes the flower garden look much better but offers more benefits as well. The main benefit is edging can prevent grass and weeds from spreading into the garden. 

There are different types of edging you can choose. For something inexpensive purchase metal edging that you can stick in the ground yourself. If you choose this make sure you stick it in the ground deep enough so that it is secure. You could dig a trench around the flower garden and fill it with gravel, small stones, and more. If you do this make sure the trench is deep enough to first lay landscaping fabric and then the edging material. Landscaping fabric is important as it can prevent weeds from growing. 

Hire a contractor to install concrete edging around the flower garden. Use colored concrete to make it look even nicer. You could also have the contractor use bricks as the edging. 

There are many more things you can do to help your landscaping stand out, such as installing landscape lighting and adding some hardscaping.