5 Things To Look For In Outdoor Furniture Covers

Posted on: 13 January 2022


Patio furniture and appliances are an investment -- one that can last many years if properly cared for. Protecting these items from weathering is one of the best ways to protect your investment. Choosing the right covers for everything is important if you want to buy something that will actually protect your items well.

1. Materials

Synthetic materials are preferred for outdoor covers for furniture and grills because pest animals are less drawn to them. Avoid those made of natural materials or that have felt linings. Felt-lined covers are often marketed to protect against scratches, but instead, the felt attracts mice and other rodents that will tear up the liner for bedding. Stick to synthetic materials like vinyl or nylon to avoid this problem.

2. Fit

The best covers should be custom-fit to the item it is covering. An overly loose cover is more likely to develop tears, while overly tight covers are prone to damage because they are difficult to put on. You can have custom-made covers made to order. Some major manufacturers, particularly grill manufacturers, also sell custom-fit covers for their various models. 

3. Weight

Overly heavy covers are difficult to put on so you are less likely to use them. If a cover is too light, though, then it may easily blow off or tear too easily. The ideal cover is of a medium weight that is easy to drape but is not bulky and hard to handle. Light to medium weight covers also fold up smaller, which makes storing them away that much simpler.

4. Air Flow

Although covers are meant to protect furniture and appliances against the elements, moisture in the air can get trapped beneath a cover. If not dried out, then mold and mildew can affect furniture upholstery while corrosion may damage metal frames and grills. Look for custom fit covers that have ventilation along the sides of the cover. The vents allow air circulation, which will ensure everything dries before mildew and rust become a problem.

5. Weather Proofing

Finally, covers should provide weatherproof capabilities. You mainly need a cover that protects against rain, snow, and UV radiation from the sun. Outdoor-rated synthetic materials that have been treated with coatings to make them both moisture resistant and to block UV light are the ideal options. Weatherproofing is one of the key reasons why a custom cover is always a better option than a plain plastic tarp.

Contact an outdoor cover supplier to learn more about custom options for your patio furniture.