LED Rope Lights: 7 Imaginative Decor Ideas

Posted on: 30 November 2016


You use those LED rope lights for your super-star holiday display. But is that the only way that those shining little gems can add to your home's décor? No way! You can literally use them every day. How? Check out these string lighting options that don't have to have anything to do with Christmas (but they can).

Brighten Your Artwork

String the LED ropes around your picture frames as accents. Or, if you don't have frames, DIY yourself some out of the lights themselves. This décor idea may not exactly be museum-worthy, but it highlights your favorite artworks in a way that stands out. You can also try this idea out around framed mirrors as well.

Indoor Plants

There's no rule saying that rope lights can only dress up a Christmas tree. Put them around your potted palm (or any other indoor plant) for a festive look year-round.

Major Message

Do you have something special to say? Instead of asking it, write it—in lights. String the lights into words, making a super-bright statement. Even if you aren't popping the question, telling your significant other that he's about to be a daddy, or creating an equally as important message, you can light-write your name, a holiday greeting, or anything else.

Curtain Call

Use the rope lights to illuminate a sheer curtain. Cover the curtain with the lights or use them as simple ties. This idea lets you create a true statement piece in any room and change the entire color scheme with the flick of a light.

Fairy Lights

Bundle the LED light string and wind them into a clear glass vase or a large mason jar. What's the result? It will look like you captured Tinkerbell!

Branch Out

So you don't have an indoor tree or even a plant to deck out. That's okay. Dress up bare twigs or branches with LEDs. Put the bare branches in ceramic pot or a rustic looking metal bucket. String the lights around the branches for an artful-looking style.

Chandelier Magic

Yeah, that chandelier already has lights on it. But they aren't rainbow-hued. String the LEDs around and through your chandelier, choosing a chic color scheme. You can turn your light fixture into a holiday-themed display (red and pink for Valentine's Day or orange for Halloween) or pick a shade that matches your existing décor.

LED rope lights have an almost endless number of options, when it comes to your home's décor. Get creative, use your imagination, and use the strings to turn any simple space into an amazing area. Check out companies like Birddog Distributing, Inc to get started.