Giving A Cheap Novelty Gift For A Housewarming Party

Posted on: 30 November 2016


If one of your friends just became a new homeowner, and they have decided to host a get-together to show off their new property, it is customary to bring along a gift in celebration of their new endeavor as an owner of a new house. When money is tight, finding a respectable gift without spending a lot can be a bit difficult. Here are some great cheap novelty gift ideas you can contemplate in giving to your friend to show your happiness in their new prospect with an item that is usable and able to be displayed with pride.

Consider The Gift Of Sound

Many enjoy listening to the sound of wind chimes on a windy day. Consider giving your friend a unique set of wind chimes that they can hang from their back porch, screened in area, deck, or front entryway. Wind chimes that have soft tones rather than loud clanging will be appreciated by your friend as well as their neighbors. Wind chimes made from pieces of wood, plastic, beads, or shells will make a great statement without the annoyance of metal portions hitting together when the wind blows.

Think About Giving Picture Frames

A set of picture frames will be a welcome addition to any home. They can be prominently displayed along a hallway in the home, or near the front door so those visiting will have the delight of smiling faces when they come inside. If you have pictures of your friend and their family members, have custom prints processed to fit the frames you select. Dark wooden frames will look great along a light-colored wall as the contrast in shades will draw attention to the pictures inside them. Consider purchasing a frame that holds several smaller pictures or one with wooden letter shapes to spell out the word "home" or "family" where you slide photos within each letter.

Add The Power Of Time 

A clock is a great novelty gift to give for a housewarming gift. Find a clock with a background photo to match your friend's personality, such as one with pictures of cats if they are a feline lover or one with a scenic landscape if they enjoy traveling to new destinations. Consider removing the background of a clock and inserting a photograph of your own in its place. The photo can be glued directly to the original clock's information and you can paint numerals in the proper locations on top of the photo if desired. This is a fun personalized clock sure to be a conversation piece.