Properly Caring For A Precast Stone Fireplace Mantel

Posted on: 10 November 2016


If you just purchased a new home with a fireplace in your living room, and your mantel is constructed of precast stone, caring for it properly will be an important task in order to keep it looking its best. Simple maintenance steps to a precast stone mantel will ensure it does not suffer from staining, excessive debris build-up, or a damaged appearance. Here are some tips you can use to keep your stone mantel in the best possible condition so it enhances your fireplace beautifully.

Clean Your Mantel Regularly For A Great Look

Precast stone should be cleaned with a mild detergent and water to remove any grime buildup upon its surface. Add a bit of detergent to a clean piece of microfiber cloth or a terry cloth towel and rub it upon the stone surface to remove any dust. Afterward, use a spray bottle filled with water to wet the stone a bit more. Use another clean piece of cloth to remove the moisture from the stone altogether. A stone cleaning agent can be used if debris is excessive. Stay away from cleaners with acidic or alkaline ingredients as they can cause damage in the form of etching to precast stone items.

Add A Sealant To Avoid Staining Of The Stone

Applying a stone sealant to your mantel will be helpful in warding off stains. A home goods store or a stone supplier will have the proper agent for this project available for purchase. This agent can be applied directly to the mantle using a paintbrush. Make sure the surface has been cleaned and dried before adding the sealant so it adheres properly. If a stain does manage to make its way to the stone surface of your mantel, blot it with a clean piece of cloth to remove as much of the liquid substance as possible. Do not rub the staining material into the stone. Follow the blotting procedure with a spray of detergent mixed with water and blot this agent from the stone to remove.

Fill In Cracks To Avoid Larger Repair Jobs

If you notice a crack present within your precast stone mantel, it should be filled in with an appropriate agent to help give the mantel increased stability. Failing to fill in a crack could lead to larger cracks as temperature changes or pressure applied to the stone can cause further weakening. Fill in the crack with a patching kit. This can be purchased from a stone supply company or from a home goods store. Make sure the agent is made specifically for precast stone. The patching material can be applied into the crack with a caulk gun. If the coloring is a bit off, consider adding a shaded sealant to help blend the cracked portion into the stone so it will not be as noticeable.

Work with a precast stone manufacturer to create the perfect mantel for your home.