Four Inexpensive Ways To Fill Up Empty Spaces In Your Home

Posted on: 10 February 2016


Although minimalism has its place in design, many homeowners prefer a more cozy, lived-in feel. But if your house has more square feet than you have furniture, what can you do to fill those empty spaces without going into debt in the process? Decorating on the cheap without resorting to cluttered knick-knacks can be challenging, but thankfully you can still find tasteful and cheap home decor for sale to add interest to those forgotten corners. 

Decorating Walls With Prints and Posters

If you don't have tables, desks and chairs to line your walls, you can still add visual interest to them through prints and posters. Whether you prefer understated landscapes or posters of your favorite bands, use these as an opportunity to express your identity and emphasize your other decorations. Based on your artwork of choice, you will need to choose an appropriate frame, or whether to use a frame at all. Multiple small prints arranged together in a grid pattern are an easy way to turn otherwise unremarkable artwork into a statement piece. 

Segmenting Rooms With Decorative Screens

If you have a very large room that you just can't seem to fill, consider loosely dividing it up with decorative screens. These screens may be opaque or semi-transparent, and they can offer a sense of privacy and enclosed comfort in an otherwise unsettling open space. Try walling off a reading alcove with a coffee table and cozy chairs for a private retreat within your own home. 

Filling Corners With Houseplants

When you have a stubborn corner and nothing to occupy it, a tall houseplant may be exactly what you need. Not only are they beautiful, but indoor plants can help fight air pollution and have even been shown to improve residents' happiness, decrease cold symptoms and lower blood pressure. Choose an elegant pot that complements your decor and color scheme to tie the plant to the rest of the room. 

Installing Book Shelves

Shelves are an easy way to take up space while still providing a useful function, but they can also become cluttered if not handled correctly. Book shelves are a good solution to this problem and will hold your visitors' attention with their contents. Instead of clustering all of your books into one or two large shelves, install multiple smaller shelves along your walls. By distributing your books more widely, you can cover empty areas with a timeless form of decoration while also advertising your interests and hobbies. With so many inexpensive options available, there is no excuse to let your home sit empty and unadorned.