How To Fix Common Home Window Problems

Posted on: 18 January 2016


There comes a time when the windows in your home may have some issues. Whether it's a window that sticks when you try to open it, a rotting window sill, or some other problem, many of these issues can be remedied yourself without having to get the entire window replaced. Here are a few common problems homeowners experience with their windows, and how to fix them.

Windows That Stick

Windows with a wooden frame tend to swell in size when it rains, causing the window to stick when you open it. You can remedy this problem easily by rubbing candle wax along the edge of the window. This can help smooth the edges and make it easier to open. If that doesn't work, you can carefully remove some of the wood by using a plane, which is a tool used to shave wood. Simply plane the edge that is sticking until you've removed just enough wood to get your window opening easily again. Be sure you have matching paint you can apply over the newly planed wood so it looks consistent when you're done.

Rotten Sills

In some cases, the window sill simply rots away over time due to wear and tear and the weather. You can replace just a portion of the rotted sill by removing the rotten portion and installing a new piece of wood. Gently pry the old piece of window sill away from the wall and remove any screws that are left behind. Use the old piece as a template for the replacement wood so that you cut it at the right length and angle. Once you've created the replacement piece and removed the rotten one, you can securely screw the new piece of window sill back into place. Sand it down until it's smooth, and then paint over it to match the other window sills. Another option is to reinforce your wooden window sills using a dowel. The dowel will help to strengthen the window sills and keep them in place.

Cracked Window Pane

In some cases, your window pane may have become cracked and it's easier to replace one pane than to have the entire window replaced. Wearing safety gloves, pry the broken pieces out of the window stop, which is usually secured with a rubber gasket or putty. Be sure you remove all loose and broken pieces before you replace it with new glass. Cut the new piece of glass to the correct size and place it into the open area. Secure it back into the rubber gasket, and apply an even bead of weather proof silicone around all of the edges to keep it secure and insulated. These simple fixes are an inexpensive and easy solution to help you repair common window problems without paying for a replacement. 

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