Best Doors For Your Patio Entryway

Posted on: 4 November 2015


The door leading out to your patio is more than just an entryway. In fact, the door you choose has an impact on both the functionality of the entry as well as the style of your patio. Choose a door that provides an easy and attractive transition between you home and outdoor living space.

Hinged Door

The most basic of all doors for your patio entryway is the single hinged variety. This is probably the type of door you have for the front of your house. Of course, single hinged doors don't have to be basic in style. You can select a door that fits the design of your patio, such as craftsman for a traditional patio or glass screen for contemporary.

French Doors

French doors work well as an entryway because they open wide, making it easy to transport items between the two spaces. French doors typically lend an aura of class to a space because of their traditional style. However, many styles of French doors exist, including varieties made mostly of glass. These tend to have a more contemporary look. If you want to keep with tradition, though, look for French doors constructed of multiple panes of glass. Arched tops are also classical.

Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors tend to be a popular option because they stay open, making coming and going easier. Such doors tend to add a modern but elegant appeal to your patio, according to Home and Garden TV. Sliding glass doors are much wider than French doors, which allows more light into your house. However, this also means you'll need to decide on window treatments. Sliding panels are common, but many homeowners decide to fit the doors with screens.

Glass Walls

If you really want to open up the transitional area between the two spaces, consider glass walls. The large panes of glass come in both sliding and folding options. Sliding glass walls are basically oversized glass doors. Folding glass doors are designed like an accordion. They offer the maximum opening between the interior and exterior. This option is best if you host a lot of indoor-outdoor parties or if you simply want to minimize the border between the two.

Screen or Storm Doors

If you opt for a traditional hinged door or sliding glass door, a screen or storm door is a useful addition. Both types of doors add an extra layer of protection. Screen doors, of course, keep the bugs out of your house when you open up to the patio. Storm doors add protection for extreme weather conditions. Screen and porch doors come in a wide variety of styles to further the look of your patio.

For larger patios, consider mixing two different door styles, such as French doors flanked by single hinged doors. This adds to the overall aesthetic of the entryway and makes for more functionality options.

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