Keeping Pesky Mice Out Of Your Home

Posted on: 14 October 2015


If you had noticed a mouse scoot past you within your home, you will want to take precautions to eliminate and deter any mice that may be harbored within your home's walls. Often, seeing one mouse means there are others nearby, making it important to be proactive in your removal methods right away so you do not find yourself with an infestation. Here are some steps you can take to remove and deter mice from your home.

Start In The Kitchen

The kitchen is often the focal point for mice since it is where a food source is usually found. If you fail to clean counter tops and the floor regularly, mice will have crumbs to grab and take back to their nests. Always put leftovers in sealed containers and set them in your refrigerator or in closed cabinets. Clean off your stove top after every session to remove any grease remnants that may be present. Wipe down all counters using a heavy-duty kitchen cleaner and vacuum carpeted floors often.

Check Out The Exterior

Mice can squeeze themselves into rather small spaces, making any crack or crevice a risk if it is on the exterior of your home. Fill any noticeable holes and other crevices with caulk. Use flashing to cover larger holes. Place weatherstripping around your doorways to help keep mice on the outside. Caulk around your windows.  

Remove Attractions

If you have a wood pile or downed trees on your property, make sure they are far enough away from your home so mice will not walk over to check out your house for food or shelter. Take up pet dishes so mice do not have food nearby as well. Cover all water sources such as fountains, bird baths, or ponds so mice do not have an easy water source. 

Add Some Peppermint

Mice do not care for the smell of peppermint. Purchase a few peppermint plants and place them in your home to help keep it fragrant while keeping mice away. Dip several cotton balls or pieces of cloth into peppermint oil. Place these near areas where you have seen mice in the past. Mice tend to run along perimeters of rooms, so these are good spots to drop a few oil-scented pieces.

Use Trapping Methods

If you are unable to deter mice, you may need to resort to trapping them to remove them from your home. Humane traps are made of plastic and allow mice to walk into a trap that has a hinged door that only opens in one direction. Bring any mice captured to an area far from your home so they do not try to re-enter. Kill traps can also be used if desired. If you would rather not have to deal with traps, call a pest control service, like Godfather's Exterminating Inc, to handle the task.