Got A Scratch In Your Wood Floor? How A Walnut Can Help

Posted on: 29 July 2015


If you have wood flooring, you probably love the look and feel of the wooden planks beneath your feet. However, wood floors are prone to scratches from everyday traffic and things that life brings on a daily basis. Some folks love the character that a few scratches on a wooden floor bring. If you're not one of them, and you want to fill in the scratches with a natural product, use a walnut to do the trick. This guide explains why a walnut works, how to make it happen and other household items to use walnut oil on.

Why a Walnut Works

Walnut oil absorbs into wood and makes it slightly pliable temporarily, so the scratch virtually mends itself. Oil is often used to condition and treat wooden items during the building process, so it makes sense that you can use the oil at home for small repair projects.

Using an actual nut on the wooden plank delivers a small enough amount that is safe for the flooring, and the amount is subtle enough to not leave a slippery floor. If some of the nut scuffs off into the scratch it will serve as filler, since walnuts are a natural brown hue.

How to Use a Walnut to Fix the Scratch on a Wood Floor

Begin the process by cracking open a fresh walnut with a nutcracker. Don't use bagged nuts that are already shelled, because most of the oil may have dried out, and you probably won't see the same benefit.

Rub the nut on the scratch in a back and forth fashion. It doesn't matter if you rub along the scratch or across it. The oil finds its way inside the crack regardless of which way you rub. Once you see the scratch begin to blend in, buff the area with a soft, lint-free cloth.

What Else to Use the Walnut On

Use fresh walnuts on more than just floor planks. This same method can be successfully executed on wooden tables, spoons, cutting boards, bowls and other utensils. Since walnuts are toxic-free they can safely be used on any wooden item that comes into contact with food – unless, of course, someone in your home has a nut allergy!

Keep a bag of walnuts in their shells in your pantry to use anytime you need a quick fix scratches on your wooden floor. Ask your flooring expert for other ideas to mend small imperfections using natural methods, or if you have any problems with using a walnut to fill your scratch. For more information, Flooring Gallery may be able to meet your needs.