Make A Peaceful Garden Fountain For Under Twenty Bucks

Posted on: 16 June 2015


There is something so serene and tranquil about a garden fountain. There are many different styles available online and in home improvement venues, but did you know that you can create your own fabulous fountain for under twenty dollars? Invest in a basic aquarium pump to serve as the foundation of the fountain, and seek out thrift store finds and unique treasures to create your one-of-a-kind display.

Some great garden fountains that you can make on a budget include these ideas:

A gurgling plant pot.

Find the biggest clay, ceramic, or plastic plant pot you can for twenty bucks to make your own gurgling fountain. Nest a smaller pot inside the large vessel, and this is where you will tuck your aquarium pump. Cover with water, and position tubing to guide water up so that it gurgles and spills back down into the planter. These are a great, easy way to add visual interest and a relaxing white-noise to your backyard space.

Fountain amid flora.

Create a subtle, discreet fountain in a flower bed or garden using a deep bowl or basin tucked in among the greenery and blooms. Use a bowl to place the fountain, and cover with water. Use tubing to guide the water up and out of the bowl and flora, and the run down, back in to the basin.

Splashy water tiers.

Another great way to recreate the look of a beautiful Asian-style fountain is to use a kiddie-pool or large, shallow planter as your base. Cover the pump with water in the bottom of the pool, and hide with stones and rocks to camouflage the pump and add some height. Be sure not to cover the vents of the pump, and run the tubing up the layers of stone to the top.

A waterless feature.

Use hanging vines and vinca to create a water-less fountain for the space. Fill a bird bath or other basin, preferably on a pedestal for height, with handfuls of aggregate for drainage and top soil. Plant creeping vines and greens to spill out over the edge of your water-less fountain.

There is no reason to spend a small fortune on a garden fountain for your property. With a good aquarium pump, some plastic tubing, and a great basin, you can have a stunning fountain as the focal point of your yard and garden. Visit home retailers to determine the best size and style for your space, and begin planning and constructing your own inspired interpretation. Browsing online will help you find many options of outdoor water fountains for sale to add to your own creations.