4 Tips For Furnishing Your Home As A New Couple

Posted on: 19 March 2015


As a new couple, moving in together can be extremely exciting. However, most new couples do not realize how furnishing their home can make a huge difference in their relationship. You need to learn compromise and ensure that the home is furnished in a way that you both like and that still allows you both your own space to avoid unnecessary arguments. Here are four tips for furnishing your home as a new couple:

  1. Talk to Each Other Before Shopping: Before you even begin shopping for furniture, talk to each other about what you would like in the home. Talk about what furniture you want before you begin spending so that you can agree on a budget plan, as well. It is at this point that you should compromise by agreeing what furniture should be bought first and what furniture you cannot agree on that should be left out. For example, your partner may want an L-shaped sofa while you want a regular one. Compromise by possibly agreeing on a regular sofa with ottomans you can stretch your feet on.
  2. Know the Basics of Your Home: When you first move into your home, you want to get a basic idea of how the traffic flow works in each room. You should also measure the rooms and decide whether or not you can fit the specific furniture you want inside of the space. If you wanted larger furniture, you may need to compromise and find a smaller size in order to make it work for your home.
  3. Mix His and Her Styles: When you are moving in as a couple, it can be difficult to compromise on flowery pillows, black curtains, and more. You need to find a way to mix these styles so that the home feels lived in by a couple. Don't overpower the space with just one style, but instead use neutral colors to make sure you are both comfortable in the space.
  4. Make it the Home You Both Want: You both may want certain furniture pieces in the home that may be out of your budget. You shouldn't give up too easily though. Your home is going to feel more comfortable if you make it exactly what you want. This is why you should search thrift stores and online resale sites that may sell what you want for a much lower price than purchasing it brand new. 

By following these four tips, you can create a home that you both love without creating too many arguments about what is going to work best.