Four Outdoor Features You May Want To Take With You When You Move

Posted on: 24 February 2015


If you are planning to move, you may have planned a truck and moving service to help you with all the things inside of your home, but you may want to take other things with you. You may want to take things like garden items, and above ground pool, ponds or landscaping materials with you. These may not be things that the regular moving service can provide you with. Here are four tips to help you with moving unconventional items when you are relocating:

1. Moving Structures To A New Property

While you may not take an entire house with you (though it is possible), you may want to have other structures with you when you move. This may be something like a gazebo you were married in, a playhouse for the kids or a small tool shed or shop. If you want these structures moved, you will need to have the help of a professional service. They will be able to load them on a truck and transport them safely to their new home.

2. Landscaping Water Features With Special Needs

There are also landscaping features that many people may want to take with them. If you have a hobby of growing aquatic plants and caring for an outdoor pond, you may want to take these things with you. You will need to have the plants and animal life cared for while these features are moved. Moving these things takes a lot of care. If possible, you may want to move some of the plants and animals to aquariums or small containers while the move is being done.

3. Moving And Reinstalling Pools

You may have an above ground pool you want to take with you. To start, drain the pool and store the liner yourself to prevent damage. You can also store and move equipment to protect it from damage and make it easier to take the pool down and relocate it. If you have decks and other materials around your pool, you may want to have help moving these things to. They can be reinstalled at the new location the same way they were at your old home.

4. Taking Trees And Plants To Your New Home

If you like to work out in the garden, you may have plants and trees that you have raised to be healthy. Smaller plants you may be able to move yourself, which you will want to leave the root ball and keep it moist until you transplant it. Even larger trees can be moved with the help of a moving service. They will dig the root ball up and load the trees on a truck so it can be relocated to your new home. This is something you will want to plan for and try to transplant any plants as soon as possible to reduce stress and the risk of them being harmed during the move.

There are household moving services that can give you an estimate on moving these items. If you need extra help moving the landscaping and garden items you want to take with you, contact a residential moving service like Wheaton World Wide Moving to get an estimate on the costs on moving these items.