Two Proactive Ways To Preserve Your Pipes

Posted on: 4 February 2015


No one wants to deal with a tough clog or leaking pipe, and replacing pipes in your home can be pretty costly. It's a lot easier to prevent plumbing issues in the first place rather than dealing with them when they do arise. Here are two ways you can reduce your risk of pipe damage today.

Install a Water Softener

Hard water contains the minerals calcium and magnesium, which deposit easily on the inside of your pipes. As these deposits grow, they eventually become large enough to contribute to clogs. Removing severe mineral buildup from a pipe is very difficult if not impossible, so if your pipes get to this point, you'll likely need to have them replaced. It's a lot easier to install a water softener, which is an appliance that removes the minerals from your hard water.

How do you know if your have hard water? Look for these signs:

  • Limescale and mineral deposits forming on your faucets and places where two pipes are joined together.
  • Cloudy deposits on your glasses and dishes.
  • Dull, lack-luster hair and skin, and the need to use large amounts of moisturizer or lotion after showering.

If you have a professional, like Dupage Water Conditioning, install a water softener, you'll preserve the life of your pipes. You'll also notice that your appliances, such as coffee pots and dishwashers, last longer because they don't become clogged with mineral deposits.

Stop Using Chemical Drain Cleaners

When the water won't go down your sink, what do you reach for? If you answered "chemical drain cleaner," you have some changes to make. Chemical drain cleaners are terrible for your plumbing -- they eat away your pipes while they're eating away at clogs.

There are several alternatives to chemical drain cleaners. The first is to simply plunge and snake a drain to remove a clog. This works in most cases if you are patient. Remember, the plunger's not just for the toilet -- you can use it in a sink, too. You may also wish to consider using enzymatic drain cleaners, which work by establishing a colony of healthy bacteria in your plumbing. The bacteria work to break down clogs without the worry of pipe damage or chemical burns that come with chemical drain cleaners.

Take good care of your plumbing, and it will take good care of you. By simply installing a water softener and changing the way you fight tough clogs, you'll protect yourself from leaks, water damage, and high plumbing bills.